Lashing Equipment | Propulsion Systems | Hatch Cover | Anchors & Anchor Chains | Spare Parts

Through our experienced  and reliable international partners, we are offering following products to you:


Lashing Equipment

“To guard the safety of modern shipping with first class products and services”

We are the official agent and German contact for Messrs. “SCLashing” (

Sclashing is a Chinese Company, specialized in cargo lashing and lifting solutions for maritime transportation industry.

For further details, we are pleased to send to you company presentations, references, certificates and drawings upon request.


Propulsion Systems

“Moving ahead”

Please find following an excerpt of our propulsion portfolio:

Controllable pitch propeller

Azimuth thruster (FP/CP), tunnel thruster as well as other configurations of azimuth thruster

Huge variety of gearboxes (e.g. reversible and non-reversible), high speed gearboxes and deck machinery gearboxes

winches, towing machines and gearboxes


Hatch Cover

“New builing and repair solutions, providing reliable protection of your goods”

We are offering different types of hatch covers.

Furthermore, we are specialized in all kind of hatch cover equipment´s like rubber packings, quick acting cleats and hatch cover chains for various type of vessels:

General Cargo Ships, Bulk Carrier, Container Vessels, Reefer Ships as well as Ro-Ro Vessels.


Anchors & Anchor Chains

“Safely anchored, no matter of ground and weather”

We are supplying anchors and anchor chains directly from leading quality maker at competitive Prices.

As a matter of course, our products are quality tested according to international standards and certified by major classification societies.

Excerpt from our product portfolio:

Baldt sung stowing, Light weight, Baldt, Single fluke, Danforth H.H.P, Ac 14, Ls, U.S.A. admiralty, Hall, JIS Stockless, Spek, Pool, Mushroom Anchor Chain  We are supplying 24mm-122mm, stud or studless, U2 or U3.


Spare Parts

“Direct connection towards Chinese makers, suppling OEM products” 

We are your point of contact for Chinese products and Chinese genuine spare parts like:

IHI (Wuhan), Daihatsu (Anqing), Zheng Marine Auxiliary, Tsuji as well as others.